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Microsoft Word 2007 - Advanced
Period: Flexible
Duration:3 days Normal, 2 days FastTrack   Duration(Hours): 21
Venue:3 Abiola Segun Ajayi Street, Off Muri Okunola Street, V/Island, Lagos


Course Details

Course Overview

This course exposes the advanced features and functions of Microsoft office word 2007 such as, macros, themes, mail merge, fields, forms, Linking and embedding data, advanced paragraph and table formatting.


Should have attended word 2007 intermediate course or acquired practical experience in the use of Microsoft word 2007
Target Audience
This course is for individuals (Students, Youths, and staffs of organizations) who already have practical experience of word 2007 but desires to extend or increase their experience in word 2007 to an advanced level.

Course Goals and Objectives

The objective of this course is to make the participants to acquire the relevant skills and accelerated practical understanding required to independently create, modify, format, and process Microsoft word 2007 documents at an intermediate level
At the end of the Training, students will know how to:
 Create, run and record macros
Use Themes to maintain consistent look and feel across documents
How to use mail merge and outlook contacts with mail merge
Use field codes and create data input forms
Link or embed data in a word document
Perform advanced paragraph and table formatting
Print labels and envelopes
Print labels and envelopes
Thoroughly review a document

Course Materials

Each participant will receive a course manual (or book) and all the course examples

Course Outline

1) Advanced Paragraph Formatting
  • Using indents & spacing formatting options
  • Using Line & Page breaks pagination options (Widow/orphan control, keep lines together, etc)
  • Using Line & Page breaks  formatting exceptions
2) Advanced Table formatting
  • Table style options and table styles
  • Merging/splitting table cells
  • Formatting cells (cell alignment, cell margins, text direction within cells, etc)
  • Repeat header rows on every page
  • Controlling row breaking across pages
  • Single and multilevel sorting
  • Convert text to table
  • Convert table to text
  • Using formulas in table
3) Quick Parts
  • Insert and display field codes & Document properties
  • Edit and delete fields
  • Update Document properties
  • Lock or unlock fields
  • Convert fields to text
4) Create Forms for entering data and printing
  • Concept and meaning of forms?
  • Creating forms and adding controls
  • Protect and Prepare the form
  • Editing, formatting and deleting form fields
  • Deleting fields within a form
  •  Using the Form
5) Linking and embedding data
  • Meaning of linking and Embedding
  • Linking an excel data in a word document
  • Edit Linked data
  • Format plot area, change chart type, etc
  • Embedding an excel data or chart in a word document
  • Formatting an embedded worksheet within a document
  • Editing an embedded object
6) References and Links and Web pages
  • Creating, updating and modifying table of contents
  • Insert, delete and format footnotes/endnotes
  • Insert, delete and format endnotes
  • Insert & mark citation, insert Bibliography, manage sources and set styles
  • Insert caption, insert tables of figures, manage cross-reference
  • Insert index,  update index, mark index entry
  • Links – Manage hyperlinks
  • Links – add, delete or go to a bookmark
  • Links - Cross-references
  • Web page - Saving a document as a Web page
  • Web page – Launching Microsoft word from the Internet
  • Web page - previewing a Web formatted page
  • Web page - Saving documents from a Web page
7) Building Master Documents
  • Build the Table of Contents
  • Manage Index and bookmarks
  • Insert a Cross-Reference
  • Navigate with the Document Map
  • Navigating with document map
8) Document review and Preparation
Adding/Removing comments
Tracking changes and showing markup
Review changes
Compares versions of document
Combine reviewed documents or revisions from multiple authors
Create Folders and set default file location
Protect document
Prepare document - Encrypt document, Restrict, Permission, Add digital  signature
9) Advanced Mail Merge
Field codes, data file and mail merge wizard
Insert Merge Fields
Merge the Data
Using mail merge to create Labels
Using outlook contacts with mail merge
10) Macros
Meaning of macros
Create, run and record a macro
Assign, edit and delete a macro
11) Themes
Use Themes to maintain consistent look and feel across documents   
Change or customize a Theme