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Foundation of Electronic Payment
Period: Flexible
Duration:3 days Normal, (2 days fastrack)   Duration(Hours): 21
Course Fee: NGN120,000.00
Venue:On site or Offsite


Course Details

Course Overview

Course participants will be exposed to several areas of e-payments, such as the concept of e-payment and electronic funds transfer, e-payment entities, transaction flow and architecture. Case studies are included.


Basic understanding and of Internet and Information Systems

Target Audience

This course is for persons working in financial institutions, government institutions, card companies using e-payments, and other individuals or organizations interested in knowing the key foundations of e-payments.

Course Goals and Objectives

The objective of this course is to make the participants to acquire the relevant but detailed foundational understanding of e-payments.

At the end of the Training, students will have a clear understanding, and be able to confidently explain several areas, of e-payments some of which are:

·         the concept of e-payment and electronic funds transfer

·         to explain the payment cards, its varieties and features

·         to discuss the entities involved in e-payment

·          understand the e-payment transaction flow

·          comfortably discuss the e-payment architecture

·          the opportunities in e-payment industry

·          the basic management of e-payment organization

Course Materials

Each participant will receive a course manual (or book) and all the course examples.


Course Outline

Module 1: E-Payments Overview

• Introduction to Electronic Payments

• History of electronic payments

• Characteristics of e-payments

• Advantages of e-payments

• Electronic Payment Systems, etc


Module 2: Mechanism of E-Payment

• Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Concepts

• Entities in an electronic payment platform

• Electronic Payment Instrument - Cards

• Types of Payment Cards

• E-Payment Infrastructure, etc


Module 3: E-Payment Security

• Understanding Cryptography

• Introducing the EMV Infrastructure

• Magnetic Stripe and EMV

• Basic Principles of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Security

•  Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance, etc


Module 4: E-Payment Business Opportunities

• Business opportunities in E-Payments

• Value Added Services

• Case Studies, etc

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