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Company Overview

Starview Technologies, established in 1999, is a fully diversified Information Technology/Business Services company providing a complete range of Technology/Business Services, Products and Training to organizations and individuals.

We are deeply involved in impacting knowledge and skills in individuals by offering tailored practical and down-to-earth courses and training programs. In Starview Technologies, we believe that our products and services must always be driven by business needs and values

Our solutions or Products, such as financial solutions, are globally designed and adequately parameterized. We also develop custom solutions to suit specific needs.

We provide consultancy services in key areas such as Business process automation/Re-engineering, Data Mining, post implementation review of software and systems, Software and Systems selection, Functional/Accounting/systems analysis, and Project management.

We provide in-depth training programs focusing on the needs of students, youths, individuals, private and public organizations wishing to acquire, improve or extend IT, Business Analysis, Service Management and Project management skills.

We specially address and discuss problem areas and even carry training to your doorsteps.

Our array of industry experts develop Solutions and deliver Services and Training.
Our Products and Services have always been driven by business needs and values, present and future trends